‘Clean up the Med’, safeguarding the Mediterranean and generating environmental awareness

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From 24 to 26 May there will be a new edition of a campaign to clean up around 1,500 beaches in more than 20 countries around the Mediterranean.

The main goals of Clean Up the Med are to safeguard the environment along the coasts of the Mediterranean. Generate environmental awareness and reduce the pollution caused by human activity. This initiative was launched by the Italian NGO Legambiente in 1995 and brings together actors such as organizations, schools, hotels, local institutions and individuals.

Individuals can collaborate in three different ways: setting up information points on environmentalism and environmental awareness to inform and raise awareness among citizens; cleaning a stretch of coast line or as guides to visit high-value natural spaces and show how important it is to conserve natural spaces.

As every year, the campaign will take during the last weekend in May from 24 to 26, and aims to clean up around 1,500 beaches in 21 Mediterranean countries.

Beyond the cleaning tasks, this initiative puts a strong focus on raising awareness and lead to a change in society, so as to reduce the human footprint on our coastline. By highlighting water scarcity, desertification, the loss of biodiversity, industrial colonialism, the exploitation of natural resources and the consequences of pollution as the main causes behind environmental migration.

Anyone who is interested in participating can fill in the registration form.

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