The anti-racist movement lands in Catalonia at the beginning of the European election campaign

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#WeAreMore is an anti-racist European campaign.

#WeAreMore is an anti-racist European campaign.

#WeAreMore wants to stop the rise of the extreme right and conquer civil and political rights, such as the right to vote for immigrants.

The European anti-racism campaign #WeAreMore landed in Barcelona on May 10 coinciding with the start of the election campaign for the municipal and European elections, taking place on May 26. Under the slogan 'Update pending #WeAreMore', the campaign not only denounces the civil rights breach that is taking place in Europe in the wake of the extreme right, but it also intends to conquer the far-right with the force of this global collectivity.
The fact that the movement was presented in Catalonia on the first day of the election campaign is no coincidence. It represents a powerful action against institutional racism, which is currently plaguing Europe. Today, there are still many people who were born or have lived in Spain for decades but cannot vote.
However, not only that. #WeAreMore denounces all facets of the extreme right in Europe, which includes: racism, xenophobia, civil rights violations, migration policies, the drama of people who die in the sea due to lack of legal channels, and more.
The campaign advocates for global justice and climate justice, while claiming an update of the laws to gain ground in the conquest of civil and political rights to stop racism. A statement made by the Irídia Center for the Defense of Human Rights reaffirms this fact, "Migration policies need to be updated so that no one is neglected of their rights, so that the police do not continue to stop people based on their ethnic profile, so that we close the CIE ... Integral policies are needed to prevent racism".
Irídia is one of the organizations that organizes this campaign in Catalonia along with, SOS Racisme, Centre Delàs, Oxfam Intermón, Mundo en Movimiento, Tanquem els CIE and the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia.
After the campaign presented itself in Madrid on April 28, they arrived in Barcelona on May 10 at an event at the CCCB with parliament, music and theater.

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