The fourth edition of the world reference survey for NGOs is now available

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Laura Morral
The objective of the survey is to know the level of technological development of NGOs.

The objective of the survey is to know the level of technological development of NGOs.

The NGO Global Technology is a research tool on the use of technologies in the non-profit sector.

The fourth edition of the World Technology Survey for NGOs 2019, 'NGO Global Technology' is now available. The purpose of this report, published in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, is to understand how nonprofit organizations use the technological advances of the Internet with the aim of helping them improve their online development.
Among other aspects, this research will allow you to discover in what way the organizations of the Spanish territory use new technologies and social networks. The results will be compared to those of other countries to draw conclusions and, from there, recommendations will be made so that NGOs can better take advantage of the communication and fundraising tools available to the Internet .
The survey is promoted by the non-profit organization 'Tech for Good' and sponsored by 'Public Interest Registry'. is the project partner in Spain. 'Tech For Good' has about 100,000 visits per month and more than a million people followers on social networks. Currently, it is one of the largest online fundraising platforms.
On the other hand, 'Public Interest Registry' is a non-profit organization created by the 'Internet Society' (ISOC) in 2003 with the purpose of administering the .org domain. In 2015, the organization launched the .ngo and .ong domains to provide a better service to the NGO world community.
The results of the fourth edition of this global technology report will be published on September 16, 2019. To perform the 'Tech For Good' research, it has chosen significant partners in 22 countries, among them: ICT4D Conference, Foundation Center (United States), (Spain), NGO BOX (India), WEB (France), TechTrust (United Kingdom) or Digital Charity Lab (Ireland).
The survey is 100% anonymous and does not include any questions that may reveal personal and identification information. From here you can participate in the survey for the Global Technology 2019. There is time until May 31.

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