La Víbria Intercultural will be hosting 100 youths this July from a range of international projects

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These type of programmes require a long preparation.  Source: La Víbria

These type of programmes require a long preparation. Source: La Víbria

This youth association from Terrassa will be working with youths from 21 different EU countries, for 3 Erasmus+ projects to encourage inter-cultural experiences and critical thinking, among other goals.

La Víbria Intercultural works in the field of international mobility for youths, non-formal education, volunteering and active citizenship. This year marks its 15th anniversary and to celebrate this summer it will participate in three projects aiming to promote social inclusion, practicing English, learning and conveying values such as tolerance.

The youth exchange programme 'Youth & Soul' will include 35 youths aged 18 to 26 from France, Slovakia, Greece, Rumania and Lithuania. The host group will be done by youths from the Terrassa City Council programme to promote youth employment, called 'En trajecte', and the aim of this experience is to promote the empowering of youths with fewer opportunities and to boost their self-confidence by participating in body language and reflexion workshops.

Another project that will run in La Víbria is called 'Lights and shadows', a youth exchange fostered by the Districte Jove, where some fifteen teenagers from the Republic of Georgia will work in aspects such as intersectionality through photography.

The 'Go Ahead!' workshop will include 28 young workers from 24 organizations coming from 20 different EU countries. The goals behind this activity are to generate and strengthen professional networking, sharing best practices and working to improve the quality of European and youth projects and their integration capacity.

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