NGOs worldwide do not exceed the digital divide

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NGO use digital resources below the potential they could exploit

NGO use digital resources below the potential they could exploit

The 2018 global survey on the use of NGOs in information technology shows that the sector has not yet made the transition to the digital transition and that Africa and Asia are on the verge.

Africa and Asia are the two continents where the technological and digital development of NGOs and the Third Sector is below the organizations located in the rest of the world. An aspect that is as basic as having an Internet presence through a web page can not yet be considered as an overcome element. So, today, 30% of African NGOs and 20% of Asian organizations do not have an online presence.
In front of Asia there would be South America with 12%, followed by Europe with 3%, North America with 2% and, finally, in the first place, there would be Oceania with only 1% of digital divide .This is illustrated by the latest 2018 data from the global report, 'NGO Global Technology' on the use of NGOs in information technology and published annually by the international Nonprofit Tech for Good organization.
Specifically, the report deals with aspects such as web and email communication, online fundraising tools, social networks, mobile technology, security software and data management. The results of the report are obtained through a survey that fills thousands of social entities around the world and provides a global vision on the digital development of organizations.
The 2019 survey is currently operational and the results will be published in September in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Arabic. The objective is to understand how non-profit organizations use the technological advances of the Internet to improve their digital capabilities.
Globally, then, we find that 92% of global NGOs have a web but their use of digital resources is still well below the potential they could exploit. For example, only 38% of organizations usually publish in a blog and 40% of them do not take advantage of the tools available to the Internet to promote fundraising campaigns, either through email electronic or through donors or collaborators. 
The figures in the report indicate that the digital divide is still present in the Third Sector and affects, in particular, organizations located in the most disadvantaged continents.
Thus, the average technological development regarding the use of digital tools is located in the continental scope in this order (from less to more): 55% Africa, 56% Asia and South America, 59% Europe, 70% Oceania and 86% North America.
Nonprofit Tech for Good has partner organizations in 22 countries. These are responsible for disseminating the survey among the entities in their country. In Catalonia and in Spain is the partner of the project. The 2018 report is based on the survey in more than 5.300 world organizations

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