Prodema project improves girls’ education in Morocco

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Júlia Bacardit
Moroccan mothers in the Prodema project

Moroccan mothers in the Prodema project

The local association Casal dels Infants del Raval leads an education project in Beni Makada that helps more than 450 girls

Casal dels Infants del Raval is an organization that works with kids at risk of social exclusion in Raval, a multicultural neighbourhood in the center of Barcelona.

Since 1983, the Casal del Raval has worked to improve the life quality of those migrants childs by granting them a good education and emotional support.

Prodema project: from Raval to Morocco

From Raval, in Barcelona to Beni Makada in Tanger, Morocco: the Prodema project is an initiative of the Casal dels Infants which consists in supporting Moroccan girls’ education.

This year, the Prodema project has stood by more than 450 girls living in the Beni Makada neighbourhood. According to Claire Trichot, director of the Casal dels Infants in Morocco, “the role of mothers is specially important: their participation fuels change in the family”.

Prodema works in cooperation with the local Moroccan associations Nahda and Jiwar, and the project funcions with a social worker and groups of mothers who act to mediate between girls and their families.

Prodema focuses in empowering mothers and daughters to prevent girls from leaving school too soon. Besides the community action, the project aims at changing local policies that make it harder for some Moroccan girls to pursue their studies.

Prize for the mothers

The last 29th of June spokespersons from all the associations involved in the Prodema project met in Tanger. During the event, there were mother associations and representatives of the Moroccan institutions.

During the June event, mothers were given an award for their mediation activity. The whole project is funded by the ACCD (Catalan Agency  for Development Cooperation), the Roviralta Foundation and the Sant Adrià de Besòs City Council.

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