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What skills does a leader in the third sector NOT need?

Daniel Ferrer - 23/04/2018

We move away from a personalistic approach to a leader towards a model of shared leadership integrated into the team, and this lower the pressure that is placed on a leader.

Mentoring is experiencing a nice moment and we must grasp this experience

Laia Bernués - 03/04/2018

Mentoring is a very powerful tool where the mentor and mentee exchange experiences and things in life, and where the process of change, empowerment and knowledge happen in both directions.

We must advance towards a society free of discrimination and a compassionate approach

Rosa M. Cadenas - 26/03/2018

Empowering persons with disabilities, with the required support, is key to start living and coexisting in the same environments.

5 recommendations on how to tweet from our association’s Twitter account

Roger Buch - 12/03/2018

This social network characterized by simplicity, immediacy and synthesis is very much used by all sorts of organizations.

Women’s days, also at non-profit organizations

Mònica Guiteras - 05/03/2018

Unity to commemorate 8th March must necessarily entail a deep reflexion and understanding the inequalities that persist and make tools available to transform this situation.

Non-profit organizations and rare diseases

Ana M. Quintero - 22/02/2018

The importance of the associative movement and volunteering when dealing with these diseases.

How to help your nonprofit: powerful messages and online funding

Jonathan Levitt - 14/02/2018

Jonathan Levitt has a long story of volunteering with homeless people and with children. He emphasizes how important powerful causes and messages are to attract donors. 

Linguistic volunteer couples: why we never thought of it before?

Matthew Tree - 22/01/2018

English Catalan-based author Matthew Tree tells us about the main advantatges of linguistic volunteering in Catalonia.

Sport and Social Commitment

Juanjo Ortega - 01/02/2018

For some time we’ve been living in a bubble of solidarity sports events, a reality which pushes us to ask ourselves many questions.

The third sector is the key to empower migrant communities

Norma Falconi - 20/01/2018

Back in my country I was a feminist and a trade unionist, a political activist. Once I settled  in Catalunya, in the late nineties, I started as a spokesperson of Papers i drets per a Tothom association.

Today, emerging human rights

David Bondia - 07/12/2017

We must be aware that the recognition of the rights inherent to the human being is a process under constant evolution and that is constantly updated.

Reinventing organizations

David Martí - 11/12/2017

David Martí talks about Frederic Laloux's book, 'Reinventing organizations' and how organizations that base their model on just three basic principles: self-responsibility, plenitude and an evolutionary purpose, are possible.