Previous opinions

The importance of creating a global network in the fight against cancer

Clara Rosàs - 30/01/2019

The CEO of FECEC, Clara Rosàs, explains the importance of belonging to the ECL, a supranational entity that unites European anti-cancer organizations under the same objective.

Research on leukaemia

Evarist Feliu Frasnedo - 01/02/2019

The only way of curing leukaemia is through cooperative research. With the most exact knowledge on how leukaemia originates and develop we reach more precise treatments.

Massive Open Online Course methodologies in European youth work

Alla Krinitsyna - 17/01/2019

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) have been receiving a lot of attention of educators from different countries and fields, representing a new way of approaching training that is attracting millions of students all over the world.

Conflict management and power

Núria Mateu Almacellas - 02/01/2019

What do we think of conflicts? How do we manage them in our organization? How do we relate to power?

European Volunteering Capital Aarhus 2018

Aarhus 2018 - 19/12/2018

In 2018, Aarhus has held the title as European Volunteering Capital. The title is given each year by the European Volunteer Centre (CEV) to a European city or municipality which has been particularly notable in terms of volunteering. 

Should we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

David Bondia - 07/12/2018

December 10th is one of those dates marked on the calendars of all social movements, activists, media and politicians, but, should we celebrate it?

How good is the UK at volunteering?

Gethyn Williams - 04/12/2018

This International Volunteer Day I find myself reflecting on the state of volunteering in the UK. 

The commitment of volunteering is the key to any social project

Judith Gilbert - 29/11/2018

The International Volunteer Day is a good opportunity to give a voice to people who have committed to social projects to improve an environment where society does not manage to do so.

Our chance to create better societies

Lejla Šehić Relić - 27/11/2018

The International Volunteer Day mandated by the UN General Assembly is viewed as a unique occasion for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts and to acknowledge the enormous contribution of volunteers in making this world a better place. 

Childhood in danger

Mireia Recasens Lamuà - 19/11/2018

The 20th November, Universal Children’s Day, is a good opportunity to continue giving a voice to all those children who are voiceless and to reclaim that if we fail to protect children we will have no present and no future.

From poverty to energy injustice

Judith Seubas Goixart - 09/11/2018

To end energy injustice we need to guarantee rights, because vulnerability comes hand-in-hand with difficulties to access housing, and access to other basic services and utilities such as electricity, gas, running water, telephone services or the internet.

The values of memory

Xavier Rota i Boada - 31/10/2018

Recovering our memory is one of the elements upon which to build a people’s identity and to give it democratic and representative might, giving back a voice to those whom it was stolen from.