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Peace, an irrevocable aspiration

Eduard Ibáñez - 21/09/2018

It is evident that war or violence is not a fatality or an external fact; it is the result of human actions. For this very reason, peace depends on personal and collective behaviour, which is our responsibility, the result of our freedom.

Discrimination against transsexuals and transgender people, a very real problem

Carme Porta - 04/09/2018

Although last June transsexualism stopped being considered a mental disease, the levels of transphobia around the world are alarming and worrying.

Why going to rainy Denmark in September? Aarhus Volunteer Festival is the answer!

Francesca Pisano - 13/08/2018

Francesca from Italy and Uliana from Ukraine are two EVS Volunteers working in the Aarhus 2018. They invite you to participate in the event.

We choose not to remain silent

Maria Creixell - 07/08/2018

In Italy, Spain and other countries we see racist and xenophobic speeches and policies rising, aggressions and violence against migrant people and activists being normalized… just like we are back to our darkest times.

We communicate, therefore we exist

Josep Carbonell - 23/07/2018

We must feel proud of the Catalan fabric of associations and the valuable task they develop day after day to help society and the most vulnerable groups, but is many cases more visibility is needed for their activity.

Associations and festivities; a school to improve society

Xavi Aranda - 16/07/2018

As part of the ecosystem of festivities we find organizations, associations and foundations that play a key role in the development of festivities. Beyond doubt, the association model is a good school to train persons and build a fairer society.

Without International action, Southern Cameroons will be the new Rwanda

Eugene Ufoka - 06/07/2018

The République du Cameroun’s military have been throwing bombs, killing people with impunity, raping university students and burning villages down in Southern Cameroons. 

20th June, no new proposals and old demands to be rescued: ensuring the right to migrate

Alba Cuevas - 25/06/2018

Although the issue of refugees is more present today than in 2015, it still goes unnoticed, and only hits the headlines when many people die, or to stir up a controversy.

Why do we need a permanent school on Decolonial Feminism in Barcelona?

Sara Cuentas Ramírez - 19/06/2018

The Migration, Gender and Development Network in Barcelona is an initiative of Migrant Feminists who live in the city. Next September we’ll open a permanent school on Decolonial Feminsim. We use the feminist space of Ca la Dona, but the school will be outside of it. 

Rijeka 2020, what legacy for Volunteering in Culture?

SMART - 13/06/2018

Rijeka will be the European Capital of Culture in 2020 and it is seen as an opportunity to secure a lasting legacy of volunteers in many fields of culture and cultural heritage. 

There is no recipe for peacebuilding

Kristian Herbolzheimer - 15/05/2018

In any conflict, the picture is always blurred and you can’t separate the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’ so easily.

With our money

Xavi Teis - 02/05/2018

The financial institutions take people’s savings to contribute an added value to society as a whole and generate positive social impacts.