Previous opinions

Sport and Social Commitment

Juanjo Ortega - 01/02/2018

For some time we’ve been living in a bubble of solidarity sports events, a reality which pushes us to ask ourselves many questions.

Today, emerging human rights

David Bondia - 07/12/2017

We must be aware that the recognition of the rights inherent to the human being is a process under constant evolution and that is constantly updated.

Reinventing organizations

David Martí - 11/12/2017

David Martí talks about Frederic Laloux's book, 'Reinventing organizations' and how organizations that base their model on just three basic principles: self-responsibility, plenitude and an evolutionary purpose, are possible.

Reflections on Third Sector Leadership

Gethyn Williams - 13/11/2017

A lot is written about what constitutes 'good leadership'. What skills and qualities do you need to achieve it?

International volunteers build peace and bring local empowerment

Oriol Josa - 05/12/2017

International Volunteer Day is held on December the 5th. It’s a day where our workforce becomes visible.

What volunteering is not

Eulàlia Mas - 04/12/2017

A volunteer, driven by an awareness that makes him or her sensitive to injustices, and driven by the resolve to role up their sleeves to transform their surroundings, is a person who goes to a non-profit organisation to collaborate.

Non-profit organisations should also have CSR

Elena López - 24/11/2017

A broader collaboration among non-profit organisations and companies often leads the latter to support the causes defended by the former, providing greater support for organisations’ projects and actions and, especially, a greater impact.

How can we fight against homelessness?

Ferran Busquets - 27/11/2017

We are breaching a long list of rights to people who are sleeping on the streets. 

Non-profit organisation assessment and the collectivisation of knowledge

Núria Comas - 03/11/2017

Generating knowledge based on assessing the direct actions of an organisation will allow it to gain capacity in terms of its actions and influence, and move forwards from a limited scope of action to a broader field.

October 17th: Nothing to celebrate

Xavier Loza - 17/10/2017

Every year, since 1993, the United Nations calls on us to celebrate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17th. Nonprofit organizations must continue our work so that one day, sooner than later, we can say that on October 17th there is nothing to celebrate.

Leaving no one behind

Bruno Tardieu - 16/10/2017

We maintain that any goal to eradicate poverty must first and foremost be based on a radical change of approach and be inspired by the intelligence and resistance of people who have been excluded.

Volunteering policy in Europe

Gabriella Civico - 26/09/2017

Volunteering supports social inclusion, solidarity, tolerance and needs to be better recognised as such by policymakers.