Human rights

David Bondia is the president of the Institute of Human Rights of Catalonia

David Bondia: "To reach the ODS, we must strengthen the rule of law and fight against corruption"

The president of the Institute of Human Rights of Catalonia says that achieving peace, one of the Sustainable Development Objectives of 2030, implies collective responsibility.

Six international human rights activists visit eleven catalan municipalities

Six international human rights activists visit eleven catalan municipalities

The 7th edition of Human Rights Defender Cities is back from March 30 to April 6 in order to raise awareness about violations of rights in different parts of the world.

Protests against the violation of LGBTI rights in Russia.  Source: IdemTV

Chechnya: new persecution against LGBTI persons

Amnesty International and the Russian LGBT Network denounce new purge and clear violation of the fundamental human rights of this group by Chechen government.

Cruz is a reference in the social fight for the defense of human rights and women in Colombia.

Ninfa Cruz: "I ask for freedom for all Colombian women taken"

This social leader and defender of human rights has been denouncing for years murders, arrests and violations of rights towards women in this country.

Next 29th March Barcelona will host the second of two international seminars.  Source: FEM_EU

Building Europe’s future with a feminist approach

FEM_EU aims at influencing the European elections to put gender equality and the human rights of women at the top of the political agenda on the continent.

Should we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

December 10th is one of those dates marked on the calendars of all social movements, activists, media and politicians, but, should we celebrate it?

Congo conflict on Coltan.

#conflictminerals, the close link between technology and armed conflict

Justícia i Pau has been working many years on this campaign to denounce and disseminate the relationship between technology products and armed conflict and the violations of human rights in some countries.

'Palestine Beats' aims to give the voice to the Palestinian people and make them present in Catalonia.

A circular concert to launch the campaign 'Palestine Beats'

The Catalan Association for Peace wants to bring Palestine closer to Catalan citizens through its most popular cultural expressions.

Sira Ruiz

Sira Ruiz Nogales: ‘The caravan is a global solidarity experience’

The 'Obrim Fronteres Caravan' is fighting for human rights, travelling different territories and denouncing the human tragedy of forced migration. We talk about this with one of its activists.

Amiens, France, view

Last days of the open call to ‘Ready, Set... Peace Action!’ stay in France

Open call for participants to the event ‘Ready, Set... Peace Action!’ that will take place in France from the 15th to the 20th October

Justice and Peace Barcelona.   Source: Justice and Peace Barcelona

Barcelona will host the international seminar of Justice and Peace Europe

With the title “Water: a source of life A Human Right and a responsibility for Europe”, this meeting will be part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Justice and Peace Barcelona and the General Commission of Justice and Peace Spain.

We choose not to remain silent

In Italy, Spain and other countries we see racist and xenophobic speeches and policies rising, aggressions and violence against migrant people and activists being normalized… just like we are back to our darkest times.

Simbra, one of the girls who will take part in the project.   Source: Fundació Germina

The Fundació Germina starts a documentary to explain the experiences of refugees

A part of the project Open Your Borders will be funded through a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise €1,500.

The members of the 'Caravana Obrim Fronteres' during the farewell speech at Riace.

The 'Obrim Fronteres Caravan' returns to Barcelona with proposals for changes in immigration and border policies

The aim of this project is to denounce the violation of human rights generated by the migration policies of the European Union.

Romest network against Eastern Romanis' invisibilization.

Francina Planas: "Censing minority communities is a synonym for discrimination"

‘Vincle’ is the Catalan word for ‘bounding’, and it is also the name of a local association that work with issues related to housing, community life and immigration issues. 

20th June, no new proposals and old demands to be rescued: ensuring the right to migrate

Although the issue of refugees is more present today than in 2015, it still goes unnoticed, and only hits the headlines when many people die, or to stir up a controversy.