Montse Ros is the president of Probens.

Montse Ros: "European Mobility is an opportunity to improve the job placement of young people"

The president of Probens, an entity that is 35 years old, stresses the importance of promoting the mobility of young people in European countries to improve their employability.

The objective of the survey is to know the level of technological development of NGOs.

The fourth edition of the world reference survey for NGOs is now available

The NGO Global Technology is a research tool on the use of technologies in the non-profit sector.

The project has been implemented in six vulnerable neighborhoods of Tetuan.

Tetuan adopts the Barcelona libraries model to fight against exclusion

The Codespa Foundation and the ATIL Association have implemented this project in six vulnerable neighborhoods of Tetuan.

In last year’s edition of the ALL DIGITAL Week, more than 125,000 people participated.   Source: ALL DIGITAL Week

ALL DIGITAL Week, a week to get rid of your fears with ICTs

From 25th to 31st March, Europe will be holding a week on digital empowerment. Non-profits, libraries, schools…are invited to join and organize activities to bring technologies and citizens closer.

Cauce Ciudadano has been working for the last 19 years by reconverting these groups of violence into groups that build peace.

From gangs of juvenile delinquency to movements for peace in Mexico

Cauce Ciudadano has been working for the last 19 years by reconverting these groups of violence into groups that build peace and social change.

ABD presented the project to L'Hospitalet last February 16.

'Food Relations', the kitchen as a community vehicle and the inclusion of immigrant people

The 'Associació Benestar i Desenvolupament' (Welfare and Development Association) promotes this European initiative together with other countries to promote intercultural dialogue through food.

Access to Education: the Key for Inclusion of refugees and migrants

Providing access to education for refugees contributes to the country economically and societally and helps refugees to integrate in local communities, to further their personal development.

The World Economic Forum analyses the gender parity in 149 countries.  Source: World Economic Forum

The global gender gap will take 108 years to close

Although the gender gap narrowed slightly in 2018, data show that access to health and education and political empowerment have worsened. If this trend continues, it would take 108 years on average to reach parity.

Cruz is a reference in the social fight for the defense of human rights and women in Colombia.

Ninfa Cruz: "I ask for freedom for all Colombian women taken"

This social leader and defender of human rights has been denouncing for years murders, arrests and violations of rights towards women in this country.

Revisiting the associative movement from a feminist perspective

At a global level, women have a greater presence in associations working on care and services to others, as well as cultural and social ones. But then we see a much lower participation of women in unions or political associations.

The congress will take in consideration topics such as social protection policies in situations of poverty and vulnerability of families.  Source: Fundació Pere Tarrés

Families and childhood, protagonists of the 1st International Congress on social-educational intervention

There will be keynote speeches and debates with presentations on methodologies based on exemplary cases.

Malta, leader in legislative and political advances for LGBTI rights in Europe.  Source: Pixabay

Malta, leader in legislative and political advances for LGBTI rights in Europe

According to data taken from the Rainbow Europe 2018, the Mediterranean country leads the ranking, with states like Turkey, Armenia or Azerbaijan coming last.

Kiev will host the second European Conference of Lesbians next April.

Kiev will host the second European Conference of Lesbians

One of the goals of this meeting, which is set to take place from 12 to 14 April 2019, is to establish an international network of women and organizations.


Vilanova i la Geltrú will host the seminar 'Volunteering for peace'.

The seminar “Volunteering for peace” will gather volunteering programme officers from 15 non-profit organizations from around Europe in Vilanova i la Geltrú from 1 to 7 April.

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