Children have serious problems of violence, poverty and migrations.

Antoni Pérez: "Childhood is a matter of high concern for governments but of low intensity"

The director of 'Save the Children' in Catalonia warns of the serious problems of violence, poverty and migrations that minors still suffer and the challenges for the protection of the children that remain to be resolved.

Up to 75% of children in more deprived regions of poor countries can’t read a single word.   Source: Pencils of promise.

Pencils of promise, something to believe in

250 million children of primary school age lack basic reading, writing and math skills. This founding works in deprived regions to reduce these figures.  

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Yashodhara, sheltering hope in India

The project of the NGO Asha Kiran offers a home to live for the vulnerable children of the city of Pune.

From poverty to energy injustice

To end energy injustice we need to guarantee rights, because vulnerability comes hand-in-hand with difficulties to access housing, and access to other basic services and utilities such as electricity, gas, running water, telephone services or the internet.

Thanks to the Jane Goodall Institute in Catalonia and the Esperanza Project, the remote village of Sahoro improves its permanent access to water.

The IJG and the Esperanza Project collaborate to improve access to water in the village of Sahoro

Thanks to the Jane Goodall Institute in Catalonia and the Esperanza Project, the remote village of Sahoro improves its permanent access to water with the construction of a new well.

The campaign 'My game my name' denounces sexual harassment which female gamers are exposed.

Girl gamers and harassment

Insults and sexist comments just for being girls. This is what girl games experience day after day. A campaign has denounced this, to get male gamers to stand in their shoes.

Marta Segú is the director of Probitas Foundation.

Marta Segú: "We have changed the lives of populations that did not have access to electricity or resources to pay for it"

The director of the Probitas Foundation explains that the project of renewable energies in different hospitals has allowed to provide quality healthcare to vulnerable countries as Sierra Leona and Angola.

The values of memory

Recovering our memory is one of the elements upon which to build a people’s identity and to give it democratic and representative might, giving back a voice to those whom it was stolen from.

Javier García leads in the grown the NGO 'Colabora Birmania'

Javier García: “There are very few resources to keep Thailand refugee camps”

García leads on the ground the NGO 'Colabora Birmania', an organization that helps the refugee population due to the genocide of the government of this country against ethnic minorities.

'Voluntourism': love for the other or love for oneself

Every year thousands of people from rich countries travel to poor countries in search of a solidary vacation. They want to make a difference, be part of social change and make a contribution to the welfare of humanity, and that desire is exploited by the market in the form of tourism volunteerism or voluntourism.

Mental health in Bluefields, Nicaragua

Nicaragua implements the mental health model of Catalonia

This project deals with giving attention to mental health and additions in Bluefields, in the territory of the Autonomous Region of the South Atlantic.

In Spain,  7.676 persons are working as an aid worker in NGOs.

The Spanish coordination of development NGOs denounces an increase in legislation worldwide persecuting cooperation

The coordination also expresses that, in recent years, attacks have risen on staff performing humanitarian tasks.

Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad, Nobel Peace Prize 2018

Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad, Nobel Peace Prize 2018

The Norwegian Committee has awarded the award to the Congolese gynecologist and the activist 'Yazidí' for its fight against sexual violence.


Since 2015, Yemen has been declared a civil war.

The blockade of the country by the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia and the UAE causes more than 21 million people to need urgent help and one child dies every 10 minutes, 144 per day.

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