The app Abouit scanning a barcode to obtain product information.  Source:

‘Abouit’, the first ethical product comparator

The application allows consumers to study and compare the impact of products on the environment, society and health.

Lupe, farmer and co-funder of Fortaleza del Valle Corporation

Invest your savings in projects that empower the South (rather than in stock markets)

Oikocredit Catalunya promotes ethical finances and gets people and entities' savings to invest them in projects related to global development and self-employment in the South, particularly those involving women who live in rural areas. 

Access to the Internet may help more vulnerable children to develop their potential and find references.  Source:UNICEF

Internet can promote children’s rights, says UNICEF

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund highlights that access to the Internet may help more vulnerable children to develop their potential and find references, while also warning of the risks entailed.

the winners of the Social Innovation Tournament 2017.   Source: EIB

A tournament to recognise the best european social entrepreneurs

The Social Innovation Tournament promotes the generation of innovative ideas that create social and environmental impact.

Fleeing to avoid a life in hiding.   Source: CCAR.

'Do not hide', a webpage on asylum rights for LGBTI people

The aim is to denounce the serious violation occurring in many countries of the basic rights of LGBTI people, who can seek asylum in Spain.


#ReclaimSocial for nonprofits and for better vibrations all over the Internet

Lightful Services is a creative digital consultancy that helps beyond-profits transform how they do digital. Last february 6 they launched an online campaign to promote social networking for good. 

Front image of the i am a migrant platform's website

"I am a migrant", the platform where migrant personal stories are shared

These are some of the stories shared through UN Migration Agency's platform i am a migrant, a space that aims to fight xenophobia and antiimmigration narratives

Refugee camp in  Democratic Republic of Congo. The Guardian.

Violence, hunger and abuse worsen in the Democratic Republic of Congo

In its latest report, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) claims the situation in DRC is critical since December.   

SUSY project reports on the global health of social economy

Is social economy healthy enough?  The Sustainable and Solidarity Economy Project has launched a global report that aims to answer it. 

Residents of Els Avets organization

Long-term volunteers for people with intellectual disabilities in Catalonia

Do you want to volunteer with people with intellectual disabilities in Catalonia for a while? Here is your chance to do so. 

Technology (Fancycravet, Pixabay)

Technology and organizations: what are the global trends?

North American organization Nonprofit Tech fo Good has released its annual report regarding NGOs and the use of technology and social networks in a global scale. 

Amazigh protest in Vic. Ouafaa Aouattah

The Amazigh-Catalan dictionary is here to stay

The Catalan PEN has recently launched an online Amazigh-Catalan-Amazigh dictionary with the help of the Catalan Administrative Office of Linguistic Policies.