Antonella Pasquini: "It is important to have an European framework of competences to look at and that can make out work in a common way"

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Antonella Pasquini.    Source: Adrià Milan

Antonella Pasquini. Source: Adrià Milan

Antonella Pasquini, supervisor and trainer of Lo Scrigno, talks about the leadership and entrepreneurial competences in the third sector organizations.

Antonella Pasquini is one of the Third Sector leaders involved in the Eu3Leaders project. The project is an Erasmus+ financed project with the mission to improve the quality of the trainings for Third Sector leaders in Europe.

What do you understand by entrepreneurial leader in third sector?

I think that entrepreneurial leader in the third sector is the same thing than any other sector because third sector needs to be guided, to have a vision, need leadership adjust like every sector.

Could you give 3 examples of the skills that such leader should have?

Yes, I think the force skill is to be able to work with other organizations, with politicians and to have a good communication skills and to be able to look around to catch the opportunities that world can present.

How entrepreneurial are you in your role?

I’m president in my cooperative, so I have to be entrepreneurial but is not simple because I’m pedagogue, I’m not an economist or I haven’t studied something special for this role, so I need help from my colleagues.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same problem?

I think we need to work with people who knows where we can go. They have the abilities, the competences that we don’t have. I can have vision where I want my cooperative go, because I think about social problems, but to be an entrepreneurial needs to have all the economical competences and we can’t have everything.

Having participated in the workshop where you had to analyse the case study within a spectrum of leadership, working in the group with other leaders. Did such methodology helped you to realise new things in terms of your competences and skills?

Well, I think that is very important to work with other leaders coming from another countries because we can learn or realise what are the common problems and what are the solutions that other people can find. It is very important for me, it is a training class.

You have also participated in the workshop that focused on certain competences that were presented within the framework of Entrecomp. Do you think it is possible do create the European Framework of competences of third sector leaders?

I hope, of course. I think that is important to have something to look at and that can make out work in a common way.


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