CommonsCloud: technological sovereignty for Catalan and International nonprofits

  • Jamgo cooperative logo

    Jamgo cooperative logo

  • CommonsCloud offers three platforms in one

    CommonsCloud offers three platforms in one

  • FemProcomuns cooperative (Jamgo) assembly

    FemProcomuns cooperative (Jamgo) assembly

Technology cooperative Jamgo launches a campaing to fund CommonsCloud, a software platform that aims to serve as an alternative to Google Drive.

The digital world is today a priority for companies, people and nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits use the digital world not only for networking but also for their activities, which often need sharing files.

When it comes to sharing files, one the most useful digital tools is Google Drive, since it  allows us to keep and share information in an automatic way at no cost.

Is it “no cost” an exact expression, though? Not at all. Google Drive is a Google application, and  it is part of the GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft) empire. As users, we nurture GAFAM's lucrative interests when we access them.

If we use Google Drive for our organization’s internal activity, Google knows what our organization is doing and can sell it any time. BesidesGAFAM companies don’t provide “open code”, so they don’t allow users to improve their code, which is private and lucrative.

What is CommonsCloud?

It is a collaborative online platform and it emerges as an alternative to privative software like Google Drive. Unlike Drive, CommsCloud is respectful with  privacy and doesn’t sell your organization’s data.

 Commons Cloud offers three collaborative services: an online office to keep your files, a project manager and an Agora board open for network and debate among organizations. CommonsCloud main’s aim is to advance towards technological sovereignty.  

Who can use it?

CommonsCloud is open for everyone, be it people or organizations. Organizations who want to adopt it will have the chance to get some training. All you have to do is give some money to the project through funding platform.


What organizations are behind CommonsCloud?

FemProcomuns is the cooperative that started the initiative, but CommonsCloud is a wider project: CoopDevs, Free Knowldege InstituteUOC/Dimmons and some more Catalan and International organizations willing and able to make technological sovereignty a fact.


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