The Europe Creative Culture Program rewards LaFundició cooperative

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Júlia Bacardit
  • Europe Creative Culture Program
    Europe Creative Culture Program .
  • Europe Creative Culture Program
    Europe Creative Culture Program .

2018 is the year of European Cultural Heritage and the Europe Creative Culture Program has published the names of the awarded organizations, among which  a Catalan cooperative.

LaFundició cooperative from Hospitalet de Llobregat has been awarded 129.132 euros for its project Where the city loses its name. LaFundició cooperative started in 2006 to trigger processes of collective knowledge and cultural practices. Besides, theirfunction is to help regulate the precarious situation of cultural workers.

Among many other projects, LaFundició created the Centre de la Interpretació de la Ciutat des de les Barraques (CICdB), which sheds a light on the historical memory of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, the second biggest Catalan city. Back in the sixties, l’Hospitalet city had some shack neighbourhoods like Can Pi, La Bomba and La Cadena, and CICdB talks to the old neighbours of the settlements, most of whom were migrants from other Spanish regions.

On a Spanish scale, the Europe Creative Culture Program has also awarded the project Crafting Europe in the Bronze Age Today, a project from the Asociación de Amigos del Yacimiento Arqueológico de la Bastida de Totana, in the Spanish region of Murcia. 

Winners aside, 4 Catalan institutions have been partners of more than one of the selected European projects. The European program has selected 29 of the 77 International projects. Among the awarded countries there is: Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia and the UK. The call is part of the Year of European Cultural Heritage 2018, which consists in promoting our European common cultural heritage and values.

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