FOCIR pills: 10 videos about 10 Catalan organizations open to the world

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Júlia Bacardit -
  • Ricard López, president of APSOCECAT
    Ricard López, president of APSOCECAT.
  • Marta Cid, spokesperson of ECAS
    Marta Cid, spokesperson of ECAS .

The Federation of Catalan organizations internationally Recognized (FOCIR) launches a video campaign to explain the work of Catalan organizations.

Under the slogan “I am an ambassador of my country” and the hashtag #AccióIntFOCIR, the federation will present and spread 10 pills a year.

Each video will represent an organization, and each  video’s character is the spokesperson of a Catalan nonprofit. The videos last less than 5 minutes and they have no cost for the organizations. 

Peace workers, mountain defenders, choir members: all of them put themselves in front of the camera to explain the purpose, work and story of their association.

The nonprofits that take part in FOCIR’s idea are as diverse as Catalan society itself. This way, the initiative  aims at turning all kinds of Catalan associations into diplomatic agents outside of Catalonia and Spain.

To launch the video-pill campaign, FOCIR has presented a video that works as a summary of the 10 other videos.

The first 10 pills represent, among others, the  Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC),the  associació Mountain Wilderness Catalunya and the Federació Catalana d’Entitats Corals (FCEC).

Founded back in 1907 with International aspirations, IEC (Catalan Studies Institute) works to spread the Scientific and Humanistic knowledge developed in Catalonia. Currently, IEC is basically famous for translating and disseminating Catalan Literature.

Mountain Wilderness Association is not about Culture nor Science. Since 1991, this association gathers hikers and mountain lovers to keep the natural environment of high mountain areas. You can hear them here in Catalan.

This year, more and more pills will add to online box of Catalan associative diplomacy.We will discover the activity of the following nonprofits: Associació Catalana per la pau, Federació Catalana d’Escoltisme i guiatge, Associació Catalana pro Persones amb Sordceguesa or APSOCECAT and Entitats Catalanes d’Acció Social.

Two of the video pills will explain the work done by the Consell de l’Advocacia Catalana and the Fundació, that has the purpose to spread the .cat Internet domain and the Catalan language online.

Behind this pills there is a clear recipe: move Catalan associations to turn them into actors soft diplomacy actors. No matter how “soft” this diplomacy is, though, it can represent citizens further than institutions. 

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