Greta Thunberg & George Monbiot remind us of the importance of ecosystems in the fight against climate change

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  • The restoration of ecosystems, a key strategy to fight against climate change.
    The restoration of ecosystems, a key strategy to fight against climate change. Source: Natural Climate Solutions.

The Swedish activist and British journalist have posted a video calling for the restoration of ecosystems as a key strategy to fight against climate change, besides cutting emissions from burning fossil fuels.

The video was recorded in collaboration with The Guardian with the clear goal of bringing together two issues that, even if closely linked, are usually dealt with separately: the climate crisis and the environmental crisis.

Protect, restore and fund nature

They highlight the role of forests, oceans, coral and wetlands to capture carbon dioxide. In the video they denounce that nature restoration only receives 2.5% of the funds allocated to cutting emissions, while 1,000 times more funds are spent subsidising fossil fuels.

The video comes with a website address NaturalClimate.Solutions that compiles information from specialists. The so-called “natural climate solutions” means restoring the ecosystems and according to the data provided have the potential to capture 37% of emissions and are one of the low-cost strategies, and  yet they only get 2.5% of the funds.

This is why these two renowned activists are calling to vote for parties that defend nature and to support organizations working in conservation.

The message, that is less than 4 minutes long, also explains that the recording was done minimizing emissions: travel was by train or in hybrid vehicles, image files and clean energy.

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