Long-term volunteers for people with intellectual disabilities in Catalonia

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Júlia Bacardit
  • Volunteers in Els Avets
    Volunteers in Els Avets.
  • Volunteers and residents sharing time together in Els Avets
    Volunteers and residents sharing time together in Els Avets.
  • Moià landscape
    Moià landscape.

Do you want to volunteer with people with intellectual disabilities in Catalonia for a while? Here is your chance to do so. 

FADEAM  Els Avets Community is a non-profit public utility organization in Moià which works for the social integration of intellectually disabled people.

Els Avets offer them a home and a place where they can work together: the aim of your volunteering is to contribute in making it a joyful community home. 

FADEAM Els Avets is looking for long-term volunteers who can help with activities in the community, home dynamics and teamwork. In exchange for your volunteering, the organization will offer you weekly Spanish and Catalan (optional) lessons, unofficial (but valuable) training and guidance plus 150 euros as pocket-money for your long stay.

What do they need?

  • 2 volunteers starting September 2018

Moià is a rural area in the center of Catalonia, a wonderful spot for those seeking peace of mind and community building. All volunteers will have a team of professionals who will guide them over the long-term volunteering project.

If your intention is to begin your volunteering next September you have time to send your CV and a short motivation letter to until March.

Here you have all the information you need, and you can also contact for any further doubts or suggestions. 

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