Indian project to children trough the toys

Toybank, educating disadvantaged children from India through toys

This NGO promotes values through the game to the children from rural areas of the country.

Stone Soup Award poster

Call for the ‘Stone Soup Award’ on Research in Social Innovation

This year’s edition will be dedicated to initiatives dealing with new ways of integrating diversity in organizations.

27 countries from all around Europe are participating in this project.

Youth Wiki, the online encyclopaedia of European countries' youth policies

The platform is a comprehensive database of national structures, policies and actions supporting young people and it covers the eight main fields of action identified in the 2010-2018 EU Youth Strategy.

Probitas give serotherapy to NGO in Senegal

The catalan Foundation Probitas donates serotherapy to NGOs that work in Senegal

Azul en Acción y Cirugía Solidaria are some of the receiving organizations

Catalan NGO next to Mosul

Catalan NGOs, next to Mosul one year after its release

Catalan NGOs support the Kurdish population of Mosul one year after the fighting between the Islamic State (EI) and the Iraqi forces that devastated the city. To this day, the area continues in ruins and the child population is unprotected

Amiens, France, view

Last days of the open call to ‘Ready, Set... Peace Action!’ stay in France

Open call for participants to the event ‘Ready, Set... Peace Action!’ that will take place in France from the 15th to the 20th October

Earth Overshoot Day poster

Since 1st of August we are ecologically indebted with the Earth

It has been named Overshoot Day, the day of excess. Meaning this is the day when humanity consumes all of the resources that the Earth is able to generate in a year, and therefore, we surpass the limit.

Moroccan mothers in the Prodema project

Prodema project improves girls’ education in Morocco

The local association Casal dels Infants del Raval leads an education project in Beni Makada that helps more than 450 girls

Migrant temporary worker Williams Amahoku

The Creu Roja offers food and hygiene kits to migrant temporary workers

Each summer Lleida becomes the scenario of temporary workers without a roof: Creu Roja works to improve their conditions

The previous editions took place in Lisbon and Izmir.    Source: Culture Action Europe

Terrassa is to host a European meeting of cultural cities and actors

On 28 and 29 September, professionals in this field from around Europe will be meeting to discuss policies and discover some cultural projects carried out in the city.

Demonstration in the memory of Berta Cáceres. STR epa Corbis.

Social organizations and the Barcelona City Council agree to commemorate Berta Cáceres

Social organizations agree on setting up a monument dedicated to the murdered Honduran activist in Barcelona 

Justice and Peace Barcelona.   Source: Justice and Peace Barcelona

Barcelona will host the international seminar of Justice and Peace Europe

With the title “Water: a source of life A Human Right and a responsibility for Europe”, this meeting will be part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Justice and Peace Barcelona and the General Commission of Justice and Peace Spain.