The app Abouit scanning a barcode to obtain product information.  Source:

‘Abouit’, the first ethical product comparator

The application allows consumers to study and compare the impact of products on the environment, society and health.

Barcelona view

Acaba association: Airbnb hosts defend themselves from abusive fees

Acaba association was created to protect Aibnb hosts from the Barcelona City Council. Its members claim they were using the platform to help them pay the rent, not to speculate.  

Your organization on a new social media.

How to know if your organization should be on a new social media

The decision on what social media to be on and how should be taken before randomly creating accounts and then forgetting about them. Here we bring some proposals to bear in mind before taking this step.

CommonsCloud: technological sovereignty for Catalan and International nonprofits

Technology cooperative Jamgo launches a campaing to fund CommonsCloud, a software platform that aims to serve as an alternative to Google Drive.

Thinking.   Source: Pixabay

Different thinking, bigger difference

It is the topic of NCVO Annual Conference 2018 which takes place on monday 16 April in London. 

Stop Sida, one of Wapsi's partner organizations

Wapsi and Teaming, ways to help nonprofits with 1 euro or at no cost at all

Are microdonations the future of nonprofits? It could be, especially since initiatives like Teaming and Wapsi keep on growing.

Measuring the social impact of volunteering

Volonteurope organises a conference where its Measuring Impact Working Group will present its policy paper outlining the results of a research about the impact of volunteering on the society.

Llibre solidari stand in a Barcelona metro station

Selling second-hand books in any language as a means to help others

Joan Bagur was a business person all his life. Soon after he retired, he was diagnosed his cancer. That day the bad news arrived, he promised himself something: “if I survive, I’ll start a nonprofit organization”. 

TURN ONline teamwork, Barcelona 2017

TURN ONline, the project to digitalize youth NGOs working for Human Rights

Nowadays, it is crucial for organizations to be present both offline and online. The digital world becomes more and more present in our daily life, but do organizations exactly know how to profit from it? 

The project was launched in September 2015 Source: Neet U

NEET U social innovation project draws to an end

The initiative, promoted together by several European states, had as a goal to implement social innovations in the community by getting senior citizens to work together with youths facing exclusion.

Make a donation to support charitable organizations.  Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery

AmazonSmile, a great way to support non-profit organizations

UK Charities are being invited to take part in this project in which the online shopping brand will donate a percentage of the cost of some purchases.

Poverty image. Photo: Pixabay

The ethics of using images from Humanitarian aid NGOs

Fundraising campaigns often use photos and themes that conjure up images of horror and destruction. But where do we draw the line between appealing to our emotions and the so-called “poverty porn”?