Siria in 2011. Horns demos.

The 2019 Alert report, prepared by the School of Peace Culture, records 34 armed conflicts around the world in 2018. Most of them are in Africa.

An image of volunteers from the Good Hope Volunteers organization

Good Hope Volunteers is an international volunteering organization that is based in South Africa, with programs in Namibia and Botswana as well.

Food Emergency in Africa and Yemen.

The Catalan Association for Peace launches a Food Emergency Campaign for Africa and Yemen, with local organizations in Mauritania, Mali, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yemen.

Yves Kamuronsi

Twenty years after the genocide, Tutsis and Hutus have begun to call themselves Rwandans.


The République du Cameroun’s military have been throwing bombs, killing people with impunity, raping university students and burning villages down in Southern Cameroons. 

Sidi Si, at the center of the image. Photo: YAA

Youth in Action Association is a non-profit established in the community of Kédougou, which works on projects relating to children, health and community development.