The conflict in Yemen is the bloodiest of today's history.

NGOs denounce the Spanish government's complicity with the Saudi coalition for the war in Yemen after four years since the bloodiest conflict in history began.

Catalan NGO next to Mosul

Catalan NGOs support the Kurdish population of Mosul one year after the fighting between the Islamic State (EI) and the Iraqi forces that devastated the city. To this day, the area continues in ruins and the child population is unprotected


In a time when the world is balancing on a knife-edge, and the possibility of nuclear conflict appears to be more likely, it may seem that efforts to work towards peace are futile.  

Conflicts map. Image: EJAtlas

Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas) is a map created by researchers from UAB’s Institute of Environmental Science and Technology with 2,100 cases of environmental conflicts in different parts of the world.

Conflict in South Sudan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Two UN agencies report that 2 million children have been displaced by South Sudan conflict.