First anniversary

The challenge to stay current and stimulate critical thinking

The founder of SMART emphasizes the importance of knowledgeable journalists and people from nonprofit sector and volunteers who can popularise the sector.

Nonprofit sector, different from the rest

Nonprofit sector can’t grow stronger and advance unless its identity and specificities are recognised, says Toni Codina.

Go beyond and raise awareness

The founder of a media that specialises in peace in the world talks about its importance for a positive social change to happen.

A loudspeaker for small nonprofit organisations

According to Eulàlia Mas, specialised media is truthful and verified and it's a focus for training and knowledge for those reading them.

International third sector and volunteering, a winning approach

"CSVnet is working strategically on the level of communication, trying to make its voice heard not only on volunteering sector but also on social topics that may affect everyone", states the director of CSVnet.

The need for collaborative work across all sectors

Sandra Cyr, Managing Editor of the Philanthropy Journal, shares with us what she thinks to be the biggest challenge of the third sector.

Raising visibility on volunteering

Gabriella Civico warns us about the importance for Nonprofit to act as a medium for reporting, exchange and discussion on the setting up and impact of new initiatives.