Jamila Al Hassani, feminist writer.

The Moroccan writer, who lives in Catalonia, tells us about racism, xenophobia and prejudice, and how this is related to feminism.    

Monica Benicio was Marielle Franco’s partner until the day she was murdered.

We talk to the partner of Marielle Franco, a sociologist, feminist, human rights activist and a person committed to the Afro and LGBTI movements in Brazil, who was murdered on 14th March 2018.

Safia is the promoter of the campaigns #TeCedoMiVoto and #VotarEsUnDerecho

The promoter of the campaign #TeCedoMiVoto and #VotarEsUnDerecho denounces the operation of the Spanish bureaucracy and continues to claim the right to vote in the municipal and European elections taking place on May 26.

SOS Racisme denounces the criminalization of these actions on racial grounds.

SOS Racisme denounces the racist actions being carried out by the Catalonian police. 


In Italy, Spain and other countries we see racist and xenophobic speeches and policies rising, aggressions and violence against migrant people and activists being normalized… just like we are back to our darkest times.

Image of the H&M wbesite ad before being removed

The Spanish non-governmental organization Fundación Internacional de Derechos Humanos urged the Swedish company H&M  to give some explanations on the reasons they had to use a racist advertisement.

The "Vote 4 All" platform demands the right to universal suffrage for foreign nationals. Photo: Wikipedia

Organisations and collectives involved in the rights of migrants are promoting "Vote for All" with the aim of making a change in legislation in favour of this.

Jose Peñín, Communications Manager of SOS Racisme Catalunya. Photo: Youtube

SOS Racisme Catalunya takes care of the people who experience racism and helps them to report those situations with campaigns aimed at generating awareness.