About Nonprofit

Nonprofit is a news portal on the third sector and volunteering that is managed by Catalan non-profit organisations. The portal aims to be a meeting point for international non-profit and third-sector leaders, professionals and other interested stakeholders and has a dual objective:

  • Reflect and generate opinion and discussions on the third sector and volunteering.

  • Being a space to exchange and disseminate good practices and the more relevant experiences developed by Catalan non-profit organisations and others from around the world.

Nonprofit is a project that arises from xarxanet.org, a portal in Catalan language on the third sector and volunteering that was promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights of the Government of Catalonia and is managed by Catalan non-profit organisations themselves.

Created in 2003, xarxanet.org aims at strengthening these non-profit organisations and improving the task of volunteering so as to boost a sector that is key to social transformation; it achieves this through disseminating the activities of Catalan non-profit organisations, fostering discussions on areas of interest to the sector and providing assistance to organisations so they can improve their functioning.