'Data Detox x Youth', an activity book to take control of technology

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  • 'Data Detox x Youth' is an activity book to help the young to take control of technology.
    'Data Detox x Youth' is an activity book to help the young to take control of technology. Source: Tactical Tech.

This kit encourages children and teenagers to think about their digital life in an entertaining and fun way, and guides them along a “detox” process.

Tactical Tech is an international organization that believes in a world where digital technologies can contribute to a more equitable, democratic and sustainable world. To push for this change, they investigate how technologies affect society and individual autonomy and they come up with practical solutions for citizens. One of their projects is 'Data Detox x Youth', an activity book to help the young to take control of technology.

This project emerged from a demand posed by educators, parents and youths, who identified the need to have resources that would accompany youths in their personal growth in a world moved and shaped by digital technologies.

It provides a set of cards that encourage children an teens to think about the different aspects of their digital life, from their profiles on social media to their passwords. Also, it sets out the steps for a “detox” process. The book suggests deleting certain apps and freeing up space on their mobile devices, posting less on social media, making their passwords safer, disabling read receipts on Whatsapp, disabling notifications, etc.

The activity book is divided into four sections:

  • Digital privacy: on how to reduce data tracking and understanding on-line profiles.
  • Digital security: with advice on creating robust and safe passwords.
  • Digital wellbeing: on the addictive nature of smartphones.
  • Misinformation: with a guide on how to consume and share information on line.

This kit is intended for children and teens aged between 11 and 16 that have their own devices, but it can be used by people of all ages. From Tactical Tech they suggest using it at home, in classrooms or in youth associations.

The kit is available as a PDF and in several languages (also in Spanish). To use it all you need is to download it and print it.

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