Harassment at the doors of abortion clinics, an international fundamentalist attack

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  • Presentation of the report of the Observatory of Sexual and Reproductive Rights.
    Presentation of the report of the Observatory of Sexual and Reproductive Rights. . Source: Sexual and Reproductive Rights Association.

The Observatory on Sexual and Reproductive Rights has published a report pointing at a strategically designed group to attack democracy present in activism and in institutions.

Difficulties in accessing free abortion and adequate and true information, inability to choose an adequate method and treatment, and finally, complication to gain access to contraceptives both urgent and contraceptive methods.

These are some of the most usual complications recorded by the Observatory on Sexual and Reproductive Rights and, for this very reason, after creating the information site, this year’s report is on this topic with the title 'Fundamentalist attack on the right to abortion', which was presented by Elena Longares, the coordinator of the Observatory and Almudena Rodríguez and Unai Gil, who are in charge of advocacy at the association.

This year, however, one of the most reported issues has been the harassment that users and professionals of voluntary termination of pregnancy clinics. The report focuses on this harassment and reaffirms that these are not isolated events, but rather “concrete actions that are part of a strategy that has been designed in international spaces by a wide variety of actors”.

More concretely, the report studies the links between the project Ambulancia vida, a campaign promoted by Derecho a Vivir (the right to live), belonging to the fundamentalist group HazteOir, which operates on all continents with other names such as CitizenGO, a group that includes ultra-catholic groups, far-right parties and fascists.

From the Observatory, they consider it essential to share information on this network which ranges from activism to the institutions and is transnational in nature and comprises “ministers, heads of state and aristocrats who define this attack to impose a neoliberal agenda” using virtual spaces to grow and attract new audiences.

At the end of the day, as Rodríguez mentions, attacks on abortion go far beyond abortion itself: “Whenever someone attacks abortion, it’s a frontal attack on democracy and through this hate speech they generate processes to bring down democracy”.

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