#ThisTimeImVoting, a campaign calling for greater participation in the European elections

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    Share the video on your communication media. Source: Social Platform.

The initiative aims to raise awareness among citizens in Europe on the need to vote at the May 26 elections for candidates prioritizing people’s rights and the environment.

Social Platform  is a European platform of social NGOs and it has launched the campaign #ThisTimeImVoting, to tackle the lowering participation of citizens in European elections and the growing support for far-right parties that resort to demagogy.

You can participate in the campaign and disseminate it sharing the video on communication media. The campaign’s website includes the video with subtitles in several languages. For dissemination purposes you can use the slogan “I’m voting for a Social Europe” and the tags #thistimeimvoting #EP2019 and #EUelections19.

Social Platform is the largest network of civil society organisations on social rights. Its mission is to support policies for social progress for all in the European Union.

You can find more information on the organization and the campaign on the website of Social Platform.

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