Monday, 01 April 2019 - No. 35
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Cauce Ciudadano has been working for the last 19 years by reconverting these groups of violence into groups that build peace.
From being in juvenile delinquency gangs to joining peace movements in Mexico

Cauce Ciudadano has been working for the last 19 years to reconvert violent groups of juvenile delinquents into members of society that promote peace and social change.

The Tetuan model is extrapolated to other cities in Morocco.
Tetuan adopts the Barcelona libraries model to fight against social exclusion

The Codespa Foundation and the ATIL Association have implemented this project in six vulnerable neighborhoods of the Moroccan city of Tetuan.

Massin Riggs Source: Action for Liberation
Massin: “All social movements have had to disobey the law at some stage for it to change”

Interview with Massin, the co-founder of Action for Liberation, an organization defending animal rights.

Montse Ros is the president of Probens.
Montse Ros: "European Mobility is an opportunity to improve the job placement of young people"

The president of Probens, an entity that is 35 years old, stresses the importance of promoting the mobility of young people in European countries to improve their employability.

Malta, leader in legislative and political advances for LGBTI rights in Europe.  Source: Pixabay
Malta, leader in legislative and political advances for LGBTI rights in Europe

According to data taken from the Rainbow Europe 2018, the Mediterranean country leads the ranking, with states like Turkey, Armenia or Azerbaijan coming last.

The objective of the survey is to know the level of technological development of NGOs.
The fourth edition of the world reference survey for NGOs is now available

The NGO Global Technology Report is a research tool used to examine the usage of technology within the non-profit sector.

Volunteering, workers, public administrations and third sector conflicts and opportunities

Within the framework of the 'Postgraduate Course in Public Conflict Resolution and Mediation of the Community' of the University of Girona, passionate debates arise about the relationships between volunteers, employees, public administrations and the third sector with their conflicts and opportunities.

Access to Education: the Key for Inclusion of refugees and migrants

Providing access to education for refugees contributes to the country economically and societally and helps refugees to integrate in local communities, to further their personal development.

Volunteering for Peace

We hope that, once the seminar is over, all participants will be able to use new frameworks of skills and prepare new volunteering activities and programmes to promote peace and human rights, to fight against discrimination and build non-violent narratives that we see in society.

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