Thursday, 14 November 2019 - No. 41
News & Interviews
One of the main problems stems from vulture funds investing in real estate assets, as is the case of Blackstone.
‘Push’: the documentary fighting for adequate housing

The film shows how real estate speculation and gentrification are the tip of the iceberg of a problem that affects large cities like London, Berlin, New York and Barcelona.

Volunteering ecosystem
Brussels hosts the Autumn Volunteering Congress 2019

Volunteers and representatives of civil society organisations, municipalities and EU institutions will participate in the event.

The restoration of ecosystems, a key strategy to fight against climate change.
Greta Thunberg & George Monbiot remind us of the importance of ecosystems in the fight against climate change

The Swedish activist and British journalist have posted a video calling for the restoration of ecosystems as a key strategy to fight against climate change, besides cutting emissions from burning fossil fuels.

The armed conflict in the South-American country is resurging, but the organizations fighting for peace on the ground aren’t giving up.
Social organizations, a breath of hope for peace in Colombia

The armed conflict in the South-American country is resurging, but the organizations fighting for peace on the ground aren’t giving up. One of them is the Taula Catalana per la Pau i els Drets Humans a Colòmbia.

Sarajevo held the first ever LGBTI march in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Pride in Europe

In Europe, there are clear differences in terms of LGBTI rights; the regression in some countries doesn’t facilitate advancing, but the fight of activists out in the streets does push institutions to commit and fosters a social transformation.

LGBTI-phobia is displayed openly and violently, threatening, attacking and murdering people with a non-normative sexual orientation or gender identity and activists.
Political wins, but aggressions continue

After commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewell events, violence continues, but institutional support is a sign of progress.

Why music and arts in time can facilitate inclusion processes

When we play music, dance or perform we are a small community where, in a limited time and space, the strengths and weaknesses of a group of people interacting cross.

How do we want to age?

Being conscious of how we age can help us understand how others age.

Eradicating poverty needs us all!

Individually, we live in our comfort zone and find it hard to leave it and actively work towards a change in our surroundings. 

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