Wednesday, 08 January 2020 - No. 42
News & Interviews
Nour el Hadi started a new life in Barcelona 11 years ago.
Nour el Hadi: “There is no need to create a group for migrants, but an institution for everybody”

We talked to Nour El Hadi, a young sports educator born in Morocco and living in Barcelona who has found the path to inclusion through sports.

David Forniès, coordinator of the digital newspaper Nationalia.
David Forniès: "Freedom of press has many enemies”

The coordinator of the digital newspaper Nationalia talks about journalism and stateless nations.

Melibea Obono recently visited Barcelona.
Melibea Obono: "The LGBTI collective suffers a triple oppression in Equatorial Guinea"

During her visit to Barcelona, we spoke with Melibea Obono, an Equatorial Guinean writer and one of the most prominent social activists in the Central Africa country.

The european project Look wide aims to look at violence from a wide perspective.
Looking at violence from a wide perspective

This is the goal of the European project “Look Wide”, a research project to include a gender-based and sexually-diverse perspective in dealing with macho and gender-based violence.

Berlin will host the European Volunteering Capital in 2021.
Berlin, 2021 European Volunteering Capital

The city has been chosen ahead of the other candidate, the Cypriot town of Strovolos.

The event will be a chance to learn how the technology can help to enhance the speed, efficiency and impact of organization’s operations.
Driving change through digital innovation

London hosts the Third Sector’s Tech Summit 2020 in February. The event will be a chance to learn how the technology can help to enhance the efficiency and impact of organization’s operations.

The challenges of volunteering in 2020

The end of one year and new expectations from the new is a good time to see what has remained significant in the year behind us and what can be the inspiration for the future.

Fernando Topo Saz
COP25 didn’t do enough

We had to wait until the last day, with negotiations ‘in extremis’, to affirm what we already knew: that the agreement reached at the summit does not cut it.

Volunteering contributes human capital, commitment and community to organizations

The relationship established with its environment and the people with whom they collaborate or support is completely different from the one with the professional and technical team of the organization.

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