Monday, 04 May 2020 - No. 46
News & Interviews
Komal Sewak: “Most of the population is working on daily wages and the lockdown will leave them jobless and hungry”

The program officer at Mumbai Smiles talks about how the Covid-19 and the consequent confinement are affecting the most vulnerable people in India.

Oscar Camps, the director and founding member of Open Arms.
Oscar Camps: “Boats continue to arrive; the problem is those that don’t make it across”

The director and founding member of Open Arms warns that with rescue vessels stopping their activity, thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean.

COVID-19 crisis is causing an increase in abuse and hate speech.
Rights violation and hate speech emerge at the height of the pandemic

The United Nations and organisations such as SOS Racisme warn of the increase in abuse and violence coinciding with the health emergency caused by the coronavirus.

The impact of COVID-19 in developing countries

A pandemic is much more than a health emergency: it is a social threat. We analyse the impact of the coronavirus in areas that are most likely to be affected, such as Africa, India and Latin America.

Public health is at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19.
The Covid-19 crisis highlights the value of public health

A quality, universal and well-resourced public health system has proven to be the only effective measure in an emergency situation such as that caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Migrant women are one of the most vulnerable groups due to the pandemic.
Gender inequality increases during the pandemic

Confinement is uncovering many of the inequalities that already existed before the health crisis which are now intensifying due to job insecurity and the digital gap.

Solidarity and people who care can literally mean life

Despite the importance of physical distance, which can mean health these days, volunteering has shown different, beautiful, and in many aspects, new colours of social connection and solidarity. 

Volunteering in a civic crisis – perspectives from the UK

One interesting feature of the UK’s C19 experience is how many citizens (and celebrities) are now choosing to give their time and money directly to the National Health Service - a universally popular institution, but predominately funded by Government.

Leadership and Being Human

All are worried about their organisations, their staff and their beneficiaries, but let’s not be afraid to be human and acknowledge that we are juggling other concerns too.

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