Tuesday, 07 July 2020 - No. 48
News & Interviews
Summer activities are crucial in this post-confinement phase.
Summer activities, crucial to boost young people’s well-being

Samia Fitouri, communications manager of WOSM, talks about the role of Scouts during the pandemic and how summer camps will adapt to the new health rules.

Child poverty will increase around the world due to Covid-19 crisis.
Covid-19 crisis pushes 86 million children into poverty

44% of new cases of child poverty will be recorded in Europe and Central Asia, according to Save the Children and UNICEF.

Older people have been exposed to increased risk of violence, abuse and neglect without access to prevention or support services.
Bridget Sleap: “What the pandemic has done is expose and exacerbates existing inequalities older people experience”

The senior Rights Policy Advisor of HelpAge talks about how Covid-19 has affected older people and what kind of global response will be necessary in the immediate future.

Older persons have faced both direct and indirect forms of discrimination during the pandemic.
Nena Georgantzi: “Older persons’ rights have largely been deprioritized during the pandemic”

The Policy Coordinator of Human Rights and Non-Discrimination at AGE Platform Europe talks about how older people have suffered the consequences of the pandemic and what measures are necessary to support them.  

 In a large family you are not alone and you have always someone to play with.
Regina Maroncelli: “Parents have been real heroes dealing with home, care, school activities and their own job”

The president of ELFAC talks about the difficulties large families have faced during the confinement and asks the European Comission to work on the idea of the Child Guarantee to fight against child poverty and help these families.

Costa Rica is the first country in Central America to legally recognise same-sex marriage, the eighth in the American continent and the twenty-nine in the world.
Costa Rica becomes the first Central American country to legalise same-sex marriage

Amnistia Internacional Catalunya emphasizes that denying the right to marry based on sex alone violates several human rights.

Coming together and building a better EU future: The role of civil society in the response to COVID-19

We need to reform the political, health, and social systems. The crisis clearly highlighted structured inequalities in the way these systems are organised and the need not just for their 'reboot', but for a complete debug.

60 days that have changed the way in which we perceive our wellbeing and uncertainty

Maybe, returning to normality should be done from a different lens, with a special focus on protecting nature and the environment.

It’s time to tackle structural racism

It’s necessary to rethink a system that is failing to deliver equality and justice for the most marginalised and to refocus on solidarity.

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