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The war in Ukraine adds to the climate emergency and the effects of the pandemic as an aggravating factor in acute malnutrition.
Unicef warns of the severe acute malnutrition that is escalating to "catastrophic levels"

The war in Ukraine adds to the climate emergency and the effects of the pandemic as aggravating child malnutrition, which causes one in five child deaths in the world, according to a report by the organization.

There are about three hundred Israeli settlements in Palestine that have been under occupation for more than half a century.
One million signatures to push for an European law to end the business with illegal settlements

The #StopSettlements campaign promotes an European Citizens' Initiative to push through a law to end trade in illegal settlements in the occupied territories, such as Palestine and Western Sahara.

Mike Anane, journalist and environmental activist.
Mike Anane: "Europe sees Ghana as a dumping ground for electronic waste"

The journalist and environmental activist fights against the illegal exportation of electronic waste to developing countries.

This is the most important leak in the history of the United States Supreme Court.
Why is the right to abortion at risk in the USA?

After 49 years when voluntary termination of pregnancy has been possible up to week 24 of pregnancy, it looks like there may be some serious setbacks coming.

Ricardo Lema:
Ricardo Lema: "Leisure and recreation are essential to ensure well-being and promote humanizing experiences"

Ricardo Lema, an expert from Uruguay on methodologies and practices for education and sociocultural action, will take part in the round table of the first international congress on leisure and sociocultural action.

XamXamLab center wants to be a lab of knowledge for the youth of Rufisque.
A lab of knowledge for the youth of Rufisque

The association from Molins de Rei, Teranga, colaborates in the construction and opening of a multifunctional center in order to educate and encourage the job placement of the young people from this city in Senegal

Namrata Chowdhary
Every day is the day to take down the dirty industry that destroys our environment

If we know we are facing an existential crisis, and we know the solution to it, why are we not moving in that direction as fast as we should?

Toni Lodeiro
5 things we can learn from conscious consumerism

Conscious consumerism won’t stop climate change, but it can help us to improve our lives and also have a say in public debate.

Raquel Pérez
Intergenerational know-how exchange to boost knowledge

Society fosters the exclusion of the elderly and doesn’t harness their experience. “Horta amb Gràcia” is a space for the elderly to remain active that promotes collaboration between generations.

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