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Mental health awarness activities of the Mindroot Foundation.
Abhishek Kumawat: "Mental health issues or illnesses can happen to anyone, anywhere, and anytime"

Abhishek Kumawat, in charge of public relations for Mindroot foundation, highlights the stigma and prejudice associated with mental health.

The main objective of the project is to accompany people suffering from mental health problems in the process of finding and keeping a job.
A program offers labour orientation to people with mental health problems in Nicaragua

The Drissa Foundation works supporting and trainning groups of people from the population of Bluefields who suffer from a mental health problem or gender violence in the process of finding work.

A malnourished child in Yemen with the Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food.
The UN warns of the unprecedented global food crisis

The World Food Programme warns of an increase in the number of people suffering from hunger by 345 million during the first months of 2022, a worrying trend that has registered record numbers in the last three years amid food and climate crisis.

APSS has been striving to prevent and control diabetes among the Sahrawi population of the Dajla camp for years.
An initiative to prevent and improve the detection and control of diabetes in Sahrawi camps

The Association for the Development of Solidarity Projects in the Sahara (APSS) has been focusing for years on the fight against diabetes, a major problem that causes more than a hundred deaths a year in the Saharawi camps.

Currently, only France and Italy have similar regulation to the EU.
Key points of the new Food Waste Law in Spain

The Food Loss and Waste Prevention law is a pioneer in Spain.

Textile workers in a factory in Bangladesh.
Workdays of 75 hours: the hidden side in Shein

A report by Public Eye has unveiled the working conditions at the leading fast-fashion company.

Times of distress are coming

Many studies point at stress as a risk factor for developing a mental disorder. 

Aniol Esquerra, CEO of Ecoserveis.
Users could hold the key to solve the energy crisis

We may not know it yet, but game changer concepts such as ‘Demand Response’ and ‘Flexibility’ could be the key to decrease the amount of energy European citizens consume and optimize the resources we do have available.

Sandra Canudas, manager of the Diabetes Association of Catalonia (ADC).
Prevalence of type 1 diabetes by 2040. An uncertain future?

How can we prevent the spread of a disease whose cause is still largely unknown, although genetic and environmental factors play a large role in it?

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