Thursday, 01 December 2022 - No. 77

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The Qatar World Cup is held between November 20 and December 18.
Carlos de las Heras: "FIFA has looked the other way regarding the human rights situation in Qatar"

As the World Cup in Qatar begins, we talk to Amnesty International about the dark side of the sporting event that attracts the attention of half the world.

Evelyn Romero.
Evelyn Romero: "In El Salvador, women's organizations have remained in the defense of human rights"

Evelyn Romero participates and works from a young age in the Salvadoran department of Morazán with the Red Ciudadana de Mujeres de Morazán (RCMM), in the promotion and defense of women's rights and human rights.

Volunteering plays a fundamental role in social cohesion.
The keys to the European Volunteering Plan 2030

Volunteering is key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and protecting and developing European values. The context and policies need to reflect and facilitate this.

This reception program presents a learning structure from a feminist, decolonial, and holistic perspective.
The benefits of including a holistic perspective in reception programs for migrants

NGO Nou Sol’s project ‘Em Construeixo’ focuses on the social integration of migrant people in Catalonia, from a feminist, decolonial, and human rights perspective.

Jaume Bantulà teaches at the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Educational Sciences and Sports, Ramon Llull University (URL Barcelona).
Jaume Bantulà: "Spontaneous play spaces are needed, not regulated or led by adults"

The expert is in favor of free and unrestricted access to play, where spontaneity plays a central role.

Héctor Colunga:
Héctor Colunga: "Leisure education can structure a community that empowers itself"

Interview with the director of the Fundación Mar de Niebla, Héctor Colunga, after his participation in the 1st International Congress of Leisure and Sociocultural Action.

Jackie Mellese
In the context of multiple crises, mental health should take centre stage

Jackie Mellese (communication manager, Mental Health Europe), highlights the importance of reducing discrimination and stigma associated with mental ill-health.

Pravin Mutyal: "Awareness-raising is important in ensuring people with HIV have equal access to their human rights and opportunities"

Today there are 2.3 million Indians living with HIV and Pravin Mutyal, Snehalaya's director, explains us the actual context and the role of his organization to provide dignity to this people. 

The big challenge: climate literacy

The state of Climate Emergency arises because we must act now to prevent the multiple points of no return from being activated.

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