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Christopher Banks is the President and CEO of the Autism Society of America.
Chris Banks: “Just because someone is non-speaking, does not mean they do not have thoughts or feelings they want to express”

Christopher Banks, President, and CEO of the Autism Society of America, shares the beginnings of the organization and its willingness to help people with autism and its families.

Esther Vivas, journalist and sociologist specialized in feminist maternity and agricultural and food model.
Esther Vivas: "We live in a society that is hostile to maternal experience and care"

The feminist motherhood expert and promoter of the Madres Disobedientes community accuses the socioeconomic system of imposing a model of motherhood that is impossible to assume.

The United Kingdom has begun to transfer the first asylum seekers to the Bibby Stockholm ship.
Bibby Stockholm: the floating prison where the United Kingdom wants to confine half a thousand migrants

Organizations like Amnesty International denounce that the measure deepens the dehumanization of migrant individuals and is clearly harmful to human rights.

Members of the Drom Kotar Mestipen gypsy women's association and FACEPA during the pilot test of the Motiv-action project course.
Özgun Babu: "Digitalization has brought us new challenges, especially for low-skilled unemployed people"

FACEPA participa en el proyecto europeo Motiv-action que tiene como objetivo incorporar la digitalización a los procesos de inserción laboral.

Mary Milena is in charge of all communication actions, both internal and external, of Almena Cooperativa Feminista.
Mary Milena: "Those who work in communication have the responsibility of making social transformation"

Almena Feminista has been advocating for women's rights at regional, national and international levels for more than five years.

The goal is to pave the way for information that works for global justice.
8 keys to responsible international communication

The dissemination of information about countries in conflict or other problems from entities and the media must contribute to international cooperation that is equal and respectful of global justice.

Laura Villadiego
Don’t be fooled: fast fashion is far from sustainable

Major fashion brands have embraced greenwashing to try convincing consumers that they are minimizing their impact. An initiative launched by Carro de Combate, SETEM and Campanya Roba Neta is trying to raise awareness on the advertising tricks used by the industry. 

Isidre Sala Queralt
Catalan & US nonprofits: A partnership for a better future

Only by understanding the dynamics, the interconnections and roles played by the different organizations, both domestically and internationally, can we envisage first to later foster the development of strategic partnerships between the United States and Catalonia.

Ramon Puig.
Is a generational change necessary?

Youth are political, and they live this in their everyday life. Since the turn of the 21st century, multiple crises have unfolded, both social and economic that impact youths directly and have become a window of opportunity for political and social mobilisation and participation. 

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