Monday, 09 October 2023 - No. 87

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News & Interviews
Andrei Esanu, director of the Federatia Familiilor pentru Unificare si Pace in Lume din Moldova organization.
Andrei Esanu: "Strong families and peaceful family environments contributes to a stable society"

The director of the Moldovan organization ‘Federatia Familiilor pentru Unificare si Pace in Lume din Moldova’ explains us how they promote unity and peace in families to build a better society.

Marta Campo, responsible for communication and project management of the Catalan Autism Federation.
Marta Campo: "The main objective is the defense of a diverse but equal society"

Marta Campo, responsible for communication and project management of the Catalan Autism Federation, highlights the collaboration between the different European countries to achieve improvements and social recognition for people with autism.

Mahmuda Mohamed at the Pere Tarrés Faculty graduation ceremony.
Mahmuda Mohamed: "Studying social work has saved me"

The social work graduate from the Pere Tarrés Faculty and social worker at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital shares and reflects on her life story.

The new European plan deepens the outsourcing of borders, detention, and the criminalization of migrants.
Lampedusa exposes European policies that violate the rights of refugees

The Catalan Commission for Refugee Assistance rejects the plan announced by the President of the European Commission to curb the migration crisis and demands addressing the situation 'with a humanitarian and protective approach.

Thanks to these actions, the benefits of non-violent initiatives have been demonstrated, some of which have thwarted Russian plans.
5 international peace opportunities that advocate for dialogue and mediation

The 'Alert2023!' Report shows that Ethiopia and Venezuela are two of the international regions where peace can be achieved, marked by long periods of instability and conflicts.

The report 'Alert 2023!', published annually by the Escola de Cultura de Pau (ECP), enumerate thirty-three armed conflicts on a global scale.
5 risk scenarios in the world that should be watched closely

The report 'Alert 2023!', published annually by the Escola de Cultura de Pau, enumerate thirty-three armed conflicts on a global scale and warns of an escalation of socio-political tension on the world stage.

Josep Carné Teixidó
We seniors drive and claim our autonomy in Europe

"We will continue working to show the European Parliament that our independence and autonomy as people should not be limited"

Xavier Bohigas and Teresa de Fortuny
Nuclear Weapons, a permanent danger

Only their complete elimination will prevent this danger

Nusa Urbancic
Nestlé’s methane blindspot highlights industry-wide issue

Nusa Urbancic, CEO, Changing Markets Foundation, investigates Nestlé’s lack of climate action. If they are serious about tackling climate change Nestlé and other food companies have to deliver more ambitious action on methane

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