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The program finances a wide variety of actions organized through entities and organizations.
Keys to developing an Erasmus+ program from the entities

It is a type of European grant versed in education and youth, and particularly focused on international cooperation.

They are based on cooperation and ask for collaboration between entities from different countries.
What you should know about European grants

European grants come with some specificities due to their transnational nature that are relevant when applying for them.

The European migration pact that questions the right to asylum and undermines human rights
The EU closes the migration pact: An agreement that questions the right to asylum and undermines human rights

Entities defending the rights of migrants and refugees criticize an agreement that strengthens border control and toughens reception conditions.

LGBTI demonstration in Russia.
Russia bans the LGBTI movement

Since November 30, the Russian Supreme Court considers the group's activism extremist.

Manila, Philippines
L'Associació Catalana per la Pau denounces the silence surrounding human rights violations in the Philippines

L'Associació Catalana per la Pau, together with International Action for Peace, launches a portal to denounce human rights violations in the Philippines.

The report has thoroughly analyzed over 180,000 shipment records of animals during a 19-month period.
A report reveals the suffering of farm animals during their transport from the EU

'A data dump of suffering: the EU's long-distance trade in farm animals exposed' denounces the loophole of European regulation exceptions and the tragic reality of prolonged journeys of farm animals.

Pablo Fernández Gómez
Inclusive volunteering: a tool for social and community participation

A good example of this real and full participation that we defend is inclusive volunteering, a system in which the person with an intellectual disability participates as a volunteer accompanying people from other groups.

Rebel·lió o Extinció Barcelona
Political inaction forces us to act, democracy of the people, already!

Our function is not to educate, but to achieve spaces of freedom and citizen agency to govern ourselves in a real way. For this we point out the systemic inequalities and show examples of community resilience.

With or without an emergency, always volunteer!

When things go wrong and in emergency situations, volunteers are always there. But it is also there when he repairs the net every day, full of unstitched and more or less visible strips.

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