International mobility at Probens

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The objective of these programs is for young people to develop skills that will be useful when they return to improve your personal and professional situation.

Montserrat Ros


Psychologist. Working at Probens since 1993.

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Since eight years ago, we are collaborating with different european social organizations (mainly German, but also we have started contacts with Poland and Czech Republic) carrying out international mobility projects.

These programs give young people (with basic education or with more academic training but without professional experience) the opportunity to travel to other countries and spend some time living in another culture with another language and customs. The objective is to develop skills that will be useful when they return to improve your personal and professional situation.

From Probens, we think that this is a special challenge that empowers young people in a spectacular way. For us, who are professionals, this project also brings us many things as we are growing and maturing with them.

Leave the confort zone where they are installed is not easy. They have to put into play many aspects of their life to take this step. During these years of work, we have learned a lot about the strength and improvement that these young people have.

They are eager to get ahead, to strive to leave fears and insecurities behind and make way for your other self, that me they have hidden and that does not come out practically never. This new me ends up being seen in this new environment, clean of the negative charges they carry in their day to day.

We have many beautiful stories that can explain the evolution of many of these young people. Sometimes we compare the photographs we make in the start activities and those we do in the end and they do not look like the same people. We have also shared many efforts and we have learned from partner organizations. The secret for this project to work is that all parties communicate with the same language (I do not mean the language itself).

The protagonists are young people but it is essential that they find support along the way, from organizations, companies where they do internships or volunteering, to the people who accompany them as references. Although sometimes there are stressful situations, the evaluation of this experience is very satisfactory and that is why we will continue working

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