A loudspeaker for small nonprofit organisations

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According to Eulàlia Mas, specialised media is truthful and verified and it's a focus for training and knowledge for those reading them.

Eulàlia Mas

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Why do we need media that specialise in the nonprofit sector and volunteering?

For a very obvious reason: because the detail and proximity offered by these specialised media are not found in mainstream media. The level of knowledge about the nonprofit sector and also the way they can act as a loudspeaker for small and medium-sized nonprofit organisations is a guarantee that the information conveyed in these media is truthful and verified. At the same time, these media are a focus for training and knowledge for those reading them.


Now that nonprofit.xarxanet.org is turning one year old, which challenge do you think it has to be our next?

The challenge about establishing and keeping up a portal like this is that, for it to work, you need an extended period of time in order to assess its impact. Maybe one year is not enough. In any case, I would say you need to consolidate the team you have built and, gradually, make more voices heard, from here and from other places. From everywhere! So that people of all walks of life find an interest in reading you. The more open and delocalised the better!

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