Summer, the golden age of volunteering

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  • Children gathering for volunteer training tutorial
    Children gathering for volunteer training tutorial .

Summer is an extraordinary time to dive into volunteer activities, as people tend to have more time, labor burden tends are becoming lighter and mentally we are more relaxed and predisposed to new things.

Anna Homs


Head of the Alba Group's communication

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head of the Alba Group's communication
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head of the Alba Group's communication
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head of the Alba Group's communication

From the Alba Group we take advantage of this good sensation to launch proposals related to volunteering at different levels: young people who often look for activities that help them fill the long summer days (well, in general they are their parents and mothers who do it look for ...); companies that take advantage of these days to do team building actions or social responsibility that allow them to get out of the routine; and finally to the general public offering festive activities that break completely with the classic idea of a volunteer.

For many newcomers, it will surely be their first volunteer experience and we must be aware of it. As in all things, the "first time" is the key to leave a mark so that they want to repeat the experience.

Throughout the Volunteer Youth Program we have offered for the last 3 years in the summer, about fifty young people from 13 to 17 years old have begun they volunteer career through a theoretical and practical training based on group dynamics; testimonials of local and European volunteers; visits to entities of Tàrrega and, above all, volunteer experiences in different services of our organization and in other parts of the city, providing support, organizing activities for people, etc. Making these young people enjoy volunteering is key to having them repeat again, they recommend it to their friends, and it is a great springboard to encourage them to continue volunteering during the year.

From the perspective of cooperation, summer is also a good time to propose corporate voluntary activities from the entities. They are much more predisposed and relaxed elements necessary to achieve the success of the activity. Recently, our organization experienced with about thirty workers from the international company LedsC4, who encourages us to continue betting on this type of volunteering where the company wins but also the entity. The famous win-win success that is so hard to find we got through a corporate volunteer.

It is necessary, however, that an important condition be given, that the company and especially the workers are willing to share, know and be with people beyond the activity that can be proposed. As an entity, we must help creating an environment that is conducive, relaxed, but at the same time, fun, where there is room for conversation and jokes. In the end, it is the people of the entity who, as always, with their naturalness, affectivity and spontaneity, end up making the volunteer experience a special experience that helps breaking any prejudices that may have existed.

And finally, this summer allows volunteerism to be celebrated as a celebration based on recreational and leisure activities organized by volunteers. Through the Sardines and Marinada Festival this year, which are reaching its 9th edition, we are able to involve professionals, families and people linked to the entity and citizenship in an inclusive celebration in the gardens of the entity with fresh dinner and live music. A family celebration that has managed to bring the entity closer to the public and to value the strength of volunteering to create a party of everyone and everyone together.

The Sardines & Marinada allows us to join the various voluntary projects by involving young people in the volunteering program; the youth of the fields of work that we also manage during the summer; People who have had a relationship with us and companies that want to collaborate with the party throughout the year.

Also, there is a small oasis that reminds everyone, that having fun is not a subject of capabilities, everyone can enjoy music and friends in their own way. In the end, everyone looks for happiness.

So, the summer is for us the moment. The golden age of volunteering that must be exploited intensively.

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