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That’s it. We’re there. Come August and many people and most organisations and associations take a break.

Joan Rosinach


Graduate in communication. Person responsible for Frequent collaborator in, Revista Estris and the portal

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That’s it. We’re there. Come August and many people and most organisations and associations take a break. Everyone will use this time in their own way to do their things. However they can, however they like, or however they are allowed. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is to take a break, even if a short one for some days or weeks, to look back and move forward. This is the crux of the question: being able to go over, in our heads, everything that’s happened in the last months and pause. A first assessment that will help us continue to improve in a context where, all too often, the immediacy of things is always present.

Now it’s time to move from our frantic day-to-day activity starting every morning to focus on a horizon of tranquillity. Time to relax and allow new ideas to flow into our lives. Time to allow all the unrest, dissatisfaction and displeasure to boil down. Time to be critical with the present and look into the future with the greatest conviction possible. It is also the time to broaden our perspective and grasp what’s going on in this world that races ahead without fully understanding its ins and outs. We can use this time to do some volunteering, with children in our neighbourhood or teenagers from far away. It doesn’t all end here, and not everyone can do this; not enough time or energy. But neither can we use this as a pretext to just sit there idle. There are many alternatives to do our bit to improve our society that, all too often, is in full involution. Some options don’t require planning, nor programming, and a lot less, investing resources. A simple gesture can lead to new initiatives; this, in materialist terms, is priceless.   

It is time, therefore, to walk into a bookshop and look for a book on social issues, or to sit watching a documentary filmed by a nonprofit organisation somewhere in the world. It is also time to share a film with whomever we like most about the perfection of a reality that perhaps nobody had imagined, or to go and listen to one of those seminars where you get much more than you can give. It is time, no doubt, to place culture at the service of every person so we can get the most out of our skills. It’s all this knowledge that today mean an investment but, come Autumn, will shed some light into the future.

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