EPAH: "he pressing need for just energy transition is now more needed than ever".

The conference will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, under the theme “Moving towards energy autonomy: How to guarantee social inclusion”.

Boranka has so far involved more than 7,000 volunteers who have planted more than 85,000 new trees in the burned areas of Dalmatia.

It is a recognition given by the European Parliament for outstanding achievements in promoting European values and unity.


The Serbian-Croatian border is a hotspot for migration movements today. This journalist works there as a volunteers, helping people in search of a safe life.


The International Volunteer Day mandated by the UN General Assembly is viewed as a unique occasion for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts and to acknowledge the enormous contribution of volunteers in making this world a better place. 

The Conference takes place on 19-20 April in Rijeka.

A capacity building conference takes place on 19-20 April in Rijeka.