digital skills

Members of the Drom Kotar Mestipen gypsy women's association and FACEPA during the pilot test of the Motiv-action project course.

FACEPA participa en el proyecto europeo Motiv-action que tiene como objetivo incorporar la digitalización a los procesos de inserción laboral.

The European project 'Computer Science For All' involves entities from Portugal, Spain and England.

The meeting 'Living with technology: innovation in education' has brought together experts in education and technology from all over Europe in Barcelona.

In last year’s edition of the ALL DIGITAL Week, more than 125,000 people participated.   Source: ALL DIGITAL Week

From 25th to 31st March, Europe will be holding a week on digital empowerment. Non-profits, libraries, schools…are invited to join and organize activities to bring technologies and citizens closer.