lgtbi rights

Mario Allegranzi is the mastermind of ‘L’Amore È Uguale Per Tutti’.

Mario Allegranzi is the mastermind behind an idea that emerged five years ago as a movement of protest and social awareness.

In Poland, government is violating the fundamental rights of LGBTI people.

International human rights organisations, and more specifically those defending LGBTI rights, show their concerns about how some states are systematically violating human rights, and others are rolling back some of these rights.

Megan Rossman.

We have interviewed the director of ‘The Archivettes’, a film that explores the history of the Archives, and through that, the personal and political struggles of the women involved in it.

Discussions were held in Strasbourg in November and the adoption of the resolution took place on 18th December.

The European Parliament adopted in December a resolution to fight against discrimination and hate speech in the EU, a step forward to guarantee the rights of these people.