Members of the Softcalà team

Softcatalà works with the Catalonian Generalitat Department of Health to assemble a dictionary of medical terminology that is in Catalan.


The Health Us Nepal association is an NGO, the aim of which is to improve health conditions in the region of Humla, one of the most isolated and poorest parts of the country. 

The Foro Penal Internacional denounces that every month the number of people taken by political causes increases.

The associations are "overwhelmed" by the avalanche of requests for assistance that are the result of the mass exodus of the country's population.

Health us Nepal provide health care for the people of there.

Talking about Health Us Nepal, NGO from Girona, is talking about the origins of Marc Boix Bruguera. He lives in Nepal, in a place without communications. The speaker in this interview is the treasurer and adoptive father of Marc.