Josep Maria Aragay during a Basket Beat workshop.

The mastermind behind the Basket Beat project, who is also in charge of it, explains how through group music sessions and a basketball you can explore and develop human skills and abilities.


When we play music, dance or perform we are a small community where, in a limited time and space, the strengths and weaknesses of a group of people interacting cross.

87% of youths participating in the study were critical towards the values and gender patters displayed in the music they listen to.

Even when recognizing stereotypes and inequalities implicit in songs, teenagers admit that the representations of masculinity and femininity in music influence the way they dress and relate to others.

'Palestine Beats' aims to give the voice to the Palestinian people and make them present in Catalonia.

The Catalan Association for Peace wants to bring Palestine closer to Catalan citizens through its most popular cultural expressions.

Evgenny Konnow, winner of the Jesús Serra foundation's award

Last March, the Maria Canals piano contest took place in Barcelona. On the same time, the 1st International Conference of Piano Contests united International piano contests' managers. 

A global day of secret Gigs.   Source: Amnesty International

Musicians, refugees and communities are coming together to recognise the things that unite them.

Andanças festival. Photo by Jose Manuel Costa

The festival, organised by the PédeXumbo association and where volunteering plays an important role, has been articulating cultural and generational exchanges through folk dances for two decades now.