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There are many different types and areas, for all ages and educational contexts.

These are projects where students of all ages participate in community service activities carried out by organizations.

Speakers of the round table, in order: Maria Navas, of the Voluntariad Platform of Spain, moderator; Felisa Pérez, Pablo Benlloch, Olga Viñuales and Pablo Benlloch.

The conference, entitled 'The evolution of solidarity in a post-pandemic society', focused on reflecting on volunteering as an involved citizen.

Maria José Martínez, Director of Communication and Marketing of the Fundació Pere Tarrés.

The Director of Communication and Marketing of Fundació Pere Tarrés shares some tips for defining the communication strategy for organizations.


Youth are political, and they live this in their everyday life. Since the turn of the 21st century, multiple crises have unfolded, both social and economic that impact youths directly and have become a window of opportunity for political and social mobilisation and participation.