Raising awareness

Two volunteers from Fundació Enllaç / Photo: Fundació Enllaç

The Administration Officer from the Fundació Enllaç tells us about the organisation’s task in raising awareness among the population of the situation lived by elderly people or those facing the risk of exclusion in the LGBTI community.

David Forniès, head of Knowledge at CIEMEN. Photo: CIEMEN

CIEMEN works to raise awareness and promote the Catalan national reality in the world, to spread knowledge about stateless peoples and also to defend their rights.

Candela bracelets

Many solidarity initiatives have started in oncology wards, here are a few of them!

Frame of "Change your shoes" campaign video / Labour Behind The Label

Organisations from around Europe and Asia are pushing forward a campaign to fight human and labour rights abuses in the shoe industry and to demand transparency and changes in EU regulations.


Mònica Guiteras gives an insight into advocacy as a tool to spark a real change and transformation.