Evelyn Romero.

Evelyn Romero participates and works from a young age in the Salvadoran department of Morazán with the Red Ciudadana de Mujeres de Morazán (RCMM), in the promotion and defense of women's rights and human rights.

Islamophobia is still present in Catalonia according to reports from the Observatory of Islamophobia in Catalonia (ODIC).

The Observatory of Islamophobia in Catalonia analyzes the situation of discrimination suffered by Muslim people through the report ‘When they come in the morning’, which does not predict any progress with this social scourge.


In order to fight Islamophobia, it is important to understand where it comes from.

Imagining the future. Photo: Pexels

The Imagine All the People project is aiming a world living in peace without possessions, religions and countries to be achieved in 2222. 

Women standing for the campaign. Photo: Twitter

#WhiteWesdnesdays is a social media initiative launched by the activist Masih Alinejad aiming to empower women and giving them a voice.