Amics del Nepal's Education Project is intended to discover the Asian country while practicing English.

The NGO Amics del Nepal has created an educational project designed for Catalan schools, specifically for English classes, to help the students understand this small country at the foot of the Himalayas.

Mario Llonch promoted For a Smile in Africa, which focuses its work in Senegal.

We go over the tasks entities do in the African country, which has a community with approximately 30.000 people in Catalonia and it's one of the most important countries for the Catalan cooperation.


Every day there is a boy or girl who is afraid to go to school. And we’re sure that as a group we have the power to change things.

'El niu dels Xuklis' is one of the free play and learning spaces created by AFANOC, the organization that has also created the guide for teachers.

What happens at school when a child has cancer? Should this be mentioned in the classroom? How does it affect the class? The association “Nens amb Càncer AFANOC” has drafted a guide that is warmly welcomed by teaching staff.

School in 'Tzhat Ya Lar'. Source: Colabora Birmania

The construction of the 'Kyel Dagon' school in the village of 'Tzhat Ya Lar' in the Ayayarwaddy Delta in southern Burma is the only opportunity for children in this area to finish high school